Credit Crunch brings tight-arses out of woodwork

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As most people tighten their belts whilst the credit crunch continues to bite, there is one group bucking the trend – the tight-arses.

With businesses going under, closing down sales on every High Street, and shops desperate for your trade, there has never been a better time to shop for people like Neil Procter.

“I admit it.  I am frugal.  You might even say tight. But a penny saved is a penny earned!”

Mr Proctor, 57 has taken great delight in securing himself several bargains in the past few months.

“I was hanging tea bags on the line when I overheard a neighbour mention a closing down sale at the Garden Centre.”

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“I even managed to haggle them down a bit on a few plants.”

Tight-fisted abuse

Mr Proctor was subject to varying degrees of verbal abuse as he attempted to get the struggling business to drop it’s prices further.

“He’s a fucking miser!” shouted one irate customer.

“What a stingy bastard!” shouted another.

“They can say what they like, I saved another forty-seven pence!” said Mr Proctor afterwards, rather philosophically.

So, as the economy continues to crumble around our ankles, has your thriftyness secured you a few bargains?