Miller in controversial film role

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Hollywood film-star Sienna Miller has reportedly accepted a surprising role in Steven Spielberg’s new project, as the part calls for absolutely no nudity.

The film, as yet untitled, will centre on the trials and tribulations of a woman living in London.  However, in an unexpected cinematic twist, the character will remain fully-clothed at all times.

This is a major departure for Ms Miller, 28, and will surprise her legion of fans, who have expressed surprise at her latest move. 

“I don’t see how it will work?” asked Steven Jobbie, 21 “Are we expected to pay money just to see her ‘act’?”

It is also considered highly unlikely that the role will provide Miller any opportunity to make out with someone else’s husband.

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The film’s Producer, Aiden Spackman, is excited by the prospect, “I realise this will raise a few eyebrows, but she’s a professional actress, and as such will do whatever is demanded for the role.  Even if that means keeping her clothes on for the entire film.”

The film is due for release in late 2010 and starts shooting in April this year.

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