Uproar at Citroen’s robotless car

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French car manufacturer Citroen have been hit by complaints from at least three drivers of their C4 saloon model, after customers claimed it failed to, “turn into a robot.”

This apparent malfunction was first noted by 56- year old Ed Norris of Bucks. 

“I’d been driving the car for six months and never had any need of a 40 foot robot, but then there was a flooded road, and just when I needed a giant mechanoid, it failed to appear.”


Mr Norris first complained to his local dealer, and explained that the robot had been promised as part of the advertisements he’d seen in the build up to his purchase.  Even the brochure explained his C4 model would be “Alive with technology”.

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This complaint was ignored as the manager of his local Citroen dealership believed the call to be a “prank”, but a letter to the HQ confirmed Mr Norris’ commitment to find satisfaction.

“I’m not unreasonable.  I don’t want a robot just to show off.  It’s just for times of peril, like the flooded road, or if a small child needs saving from a burning building.  That sort of thing.”

Mr Norris has taken to avoiding situations that might call for a giant robot whilst he waits for an official response.

Citoren HQ were unavailable for comment.