“FACT” or ”So true!” How do YOU signal your agreement with online bullshit?

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“FACT”, ”So true!” and ”AMEN”.

There are lots of ways to voice your approval of something demonstrably false that you’ve just read on social media, but which is your favourite?

“I’m an Amen gal myself,” chuckled Hayley Rice, a racist from Scunthorpe.

“Any time I see a block of text next to a picture of a Minion explaining how immigrants are a drain on the economy, I’m straight into the comments with an Amen, even if that statement is factually inaccurate.

“Then I’ll share it and block anyone who calls me out on it. Helps weed out the traitors.”

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Hayley’s sister, Amanda, who DID finish school, commented, ”Hayley blocked me several months ago.

“She shared a photo of the Union Jack with the words ”piss off, we’re full” blazoned across it.”

“Her friends were commenting ”FACT” and ”So true!” whereas I commented that there are thousands of empty homes in this country and we are nowhere near full. And also that the Union Jack was upside down.

“Then she blocked me, which is okay, saves me buying her a Christmas present.”

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