Dictionary publishers grateful for new definition of ‘irony’ after Tommy Robinson arrested in Canada for being an illegal immigrant

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Former EDL leader and professional gammon-herder Tommy Robinson has been thanked by dictionary publishers today, for providing the perfect definition of ‘irony’.

Robinson has been arrested by Canadian officials for ‘immigration offences’, which set alarm bells ringing on irony detectors around the world.

Currently resident in Spain, Robinson insisted he no longer feels safe in the UK and was only in Canada presumably to work on a new way to separate angry simpletons from their money.

However, the arrest has been welcomed by dictionary makers, with the team from the Oxford English Dictionary saying it’s proven very helpful to have a new ‘gold-standard’ definition.

OED team leader Simon Williams told us, “Every now and again something happens that makes it incredibly easy to define what a word means.  Like showing a picture of Rishi Sunak next to the word ‘incompetence’. No-one is under any illusion what that word means any more.

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“However, ‘irony’ has long been a troublesome word because of that bloody Alanis Morrissette song.  I mean, ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife is not ironic, it just means you invested in a really shitty cutlery set.

“There are millions of people who simply don’t know what it means when something is ironic.

“Thankfully, Tommy has just been arrested in another country, illegally, after years bemoaning immigrants in the UK having done precisely the same thing.

“And that is just deliciously ironic.”