Liz Truss’ book on ‘How To Save The West’ is released next week. What do YOU think?

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Liz Truss’ new book “How to save the West in 10 years”, is released next week. It’s not written in crayon, or so we’re led to believe, but its content is still under wraps.

We sent our reporters out onto the streets to find out what you thought about the burning issue of the day. This is what you told us.

“Is the first chapter an explanation of how you can spend thirteen years in charge of everything and STILL end up with a country that actually “needs saving”?
Debbie McGee, Wizard’s Assistant

“If that woman wrote a book titled ‘The Sun will definitely come up tomorrow’ I would start ringing all of my loved ones to say my last goodbyes.
Sid Grainger, Librarian

“I really thought she would write a book about her time as Prime Minister first? I guess she found it really hard to fill that second page.”
Jon-Jon Jones, Eyebrow model

“As a committed believer in the free market, I hope she will trust the market when it inevitably tells her that her writing is a load of old shite via the medium of poor sales.”
Barbara ‘Babs’ Malone, Exotic Dancer

“If she genuinely has a plan, and she really believes it can save the country, then I can only assume she’s invented a time machine and plans to go back and withdraw from the Tory leadership race?”
Ron, just Ron, None Of Your Business

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