Demonstration this weekend in solidarity with the goodies against the baddies

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There will be a demonstration this weekend in solidarity with the goodies who are very good, and against the baddies, who are awful.

Demonstrators will be expected to arrive with a placard that reads ‘Up with the goodies, down with the baddies’, and will spend several hours walking through town shouting snappy slogans about how the goodies are tremendous people and the baddies are just the absolute worst.

At the end, everyone will gather in the square to be addressed by several men that have some minor political significance. The men will assure the demonstrators that they are all quite correct and that the goodies are ever so good, and the baddies are terribly, terribly bad and someone should definitely do something.

“I’m looking forward to it,” explained Simon Williams, a man who believes that it’s all quite simple, actually.

“I enjoy spending time with large groups of people who don’t challenge my assumptions and I’m really looking forward to learning some new slogans that I don’t really understand. I should be back home in time for Gladiators as well.”

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At the conclusion of the demonstration, everyone will repair to the pub to get drunk, try and cop off, and complain that the BBC is biased because it didn’t show the demonstration on the news.