Paula Vennels returns her CBE by leaving it in a ‘safe place’ at Buckingham Palace

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The former Post Office supremo has carefully returned her CBE by sticking it behind a bin outside Buckingham Palace and saying nobody was in.

Vennels, who was rewarded for her services to the nation in the form of having several hundred innocent people sent to prison to cover up the failings of her friends, is understood to have gently tapped twice on Buck House door before deciding there was nobody about and scarpering sharpish.

“I called, but nobody answered,” she told reporters, ironically exactly replicating the words of unjustly prosecuted postmasters when they called Post Head office to beg for mercy.

Carefully lobbing her CBE into a puddle behind a bin, she took a moment to consider a job done to the highest standards of the postal service before knocking off for a cuppa.

”It’s vitally important that somebody takes full personal responsibility for this horrendous miscarriage of justice,” she told us.

“And that ‘somebody’ will be whoever I can pin it on.

”I hope to find someone responsible for a run-down post office in a backwater town and pin it on them. It worked pretty well last time I did it.”