Mouse submits back-dated invoice for “cleaning services”

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A mouse featured on BBC News repeatedly cleaning a man’s shed has today submitted an invoice for all of his work.

The mouse, who went to work each evening tidying up the various paraphernalia left behind by shed owner Rodney Holbrook, has told reporters he wasn’t doing it “out of the goodness of my heart.”

The mouse told us, “I don’t know why people thought I’d be working for free. Sure, I’m not in a union or anything, but did people really think it was okay to exploit slave labour like this?

“I’m just a mouse trying to graft his way to an honest living like everyone else. I thought if I cleaned his shed a bit, Rodney would realise I was adding a lot of value and he’d give me a job – but it turns out he was just videoing me doing all this work for his own entertainment. And then putting the video online, the perv!

“If you ask me, it’s a bit weird to secretly record someone while they work. It feels like an invasion of privacy, at the very least.

“I believe I am due a year of backdated wages, at the current minimum wage, which works out to about five grand, all told.

“So look Rodney, pay me in cash and I won’t even report you for breaching Article 13 of UK GDPR legislation.