Huge surge in demand for British wine after global consumers discover it is finally available by the pint

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In an entirely unforeseen Brexit bonanza, the demand for British wine has skyrocketed thanks to the fact it is now available in pint-sized bottles.

The Department for Business and Trade said the new slightly-smaller bottles will be available to British consumers now that the nation is free from the bureaucracy of the EU, which previously prevented them from offering domestic wine in slightly smaller sizes that no one asked for.

The move has led to a huge rise in demand from British wines from wine connoisseurs around the world.

Simon Williams, a wine collector from New Zealand, told us, “I’ve always wanted to try British wine, but I was put off by the fact it was only available in a standard 750ml bottle. I mean, that’s just a bit too much British wine.

“But now that Brexit allows them to make their wine available in a 568ml bottle – otherwise known as a ‘pint’ – I can’t wait to my get lips around a glass of England’s finest wine.”

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Meanwhile, French wine manufacturers have reacted with abject horror after learning that their wines may no longer be the preferred tipple around the world, thanks to the innovative Brits exploiting their post-Brexit feedoms.

As one vineyard owner in the Burgundy region of France told us, “Those of us working in the wine industry have spent our entire careers believing that our success in wine production was down to the quality of our product, which is obviously down to our grapes, our geographic location, and our own processes which were refined over decades.

“To learn that we could have been a world-leading wine producer all this time, simply by putting it in a very slightly smaller bottle is a huge disappointment.”