‘Lock him up and throw away the key!’ – Judge reacts as Laurence Fox threatens to get his guitar out

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The judge in Laurence Fox’s libel trial has sentenced Fox to life in prison after the failed actor chose to pick up a guitar case in open court.

On the first day of his High Court libel trial, Fox was attempted to demonstrate he is not a racist by showing images of himself blacked up, and planned to serenade the judge with a reggae version of Billy Joel’s ‘An Innocent Man’.

However, his attempt was thwarted when the judge ordered court officials and police to detain Fox and have him immediately placed into indefinite custody.

The judge explained, “I have heard the noise he is capable of making while holding a guitar, and I find it more offensive than any alleged libel he may have committed, or had committed against him.

“Only a sociopath would unleash such sounds into the world, and he does it not only willingly, but brazenly. I recognise that our prison system is one designed to reform and ultimately reintegrate those who find themselves incarcerated, but I also recognise that Laurence Fox is beyond help.

“Had he not been dragged from the courtroom I have no doubt he would have subjected all of those present to one of his ‘songs’. Such criminality requires the stiffest of punishments.

“And yes, he’s a racist.”