It is disrespectful to protest against the horrors of war while we remember the horrors of war, by a gammon

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Remembrance Sunday is a solemn occasion that unites the country in remembering the people who died in war, and any protest designed to stop people from dying unnecessarily in another war is hugely disrespectful to the memory of those who died.

Remembrance Sunday is a massive part of the British calendar where I get to remember the men and women who died to make this the greatest country on earth, and I can then feel good about myself and my belief that we are the greatest nation on earth. Or we would be if we stopped the boats.

I missed it last year on the tele because I had a hangover, it was Steve’s 50th the night before and we had a big one and I’m pretty sure my kebab was dodgy, but this year I will watch it all. Even all the procession bits and the speeches.

Out of respect.

But respect isn’t something these protesters understand. All they understand is shouting and screaming to try and stop innocent civilians being blown up by missiles and bombs.

The question I want answered is why are the people being killed in a war today any more important than the people who died in a war a hundred years ago? They’re not, obviously. I mean, yes, technically, lots of them aren’t actually dead yet, but is keeping them alive really more important than me having a quiet moment to remember a relative who died fifty years before I was born? No, of course it isn’t. They’re just being selfish, trying to ruin a national moment of reflection on the needless loss of life in past armed conflicts by making everyone remember the needless loss of life happening in the current armed conflict.

The most important thing on Sunday is that the country comes together as one to acknowledge the horrors of war, not listen to people trying to draw everyone’s attention to the horrors of war.

Well, that and making sure we look down our noses at anyone not wearing a poppy, obviously.

Whether you have a poppy, or not, you can donate here to the Royal British Legion to support all the excellent work they do helping veterans