Non-advertising BBC plugs yet another celebrity biography on the news

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The BBC doesn’t do advertising, but would quite like to tell you about a new book a celebrity is bringing out in time for Christmas.

The BBC’s 6pm news programme took a few minutes that could have been spent on other things to tell you about Barbara Streisand’s upcoming biography.

“Vital information,” confirmed BBC spokesperson, Simon Williams.

“We took a poll of the public and it turned out 97% of people did not know My Name Is Barbara will be released on November 7th with an admittedly insane RRP of thirty-five pounds.

“The 3% who DID know were Streisand herself, her agent, several of her friends, and the manager of the local Waterstones.

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“So obviously we had to tell all of our viewers about it immediately, with a lovely big photo of the front cover of the book. But that’s not the same as advertising.

“Yes, we had to cut a piece about the rising price of energy this winter and important tips for older people who are struggling, but none of them have a book coming out.

“Once again, Barbara Streisand’s My Name Is Barbara, out tomorrow.”

BBC news viewer, Hayley Rice, said, “They dedicated actual airtime to Eric Cantona’s new single last week, which isn’t a concept I ever expected to hear about, nor was it one I felt better for knowing about.

“This definitely FEELS like adverts. I have the same sense of waiting for it to be over as I do with adverts.

“But I also get that feeling when listening to my husband talk, so who knows.”

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