Woman who walked into a spiderweb gets entire month’s worth of cardio in thirty seconds

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A woman who walked into a spiderweb in the dark got a full month of exercise in less than a minute, it has emerged.

Simone Williams, 33, got up for a wee in the night without realising a spider had taken up residence on her upstairs landing – resulting in a full-body workout that left her not needing to go to the gym again until December.

“It was like an impromptu Zumba class,” she told us.

“Waving my hands around, jumping back six feet and dancing about, and my heart rate easily cleared two hundred bpm.

“And then a full weights session carrying a heavy book around the house trying to catch the little bastard that did it.”

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When asked, the spider said it was considering a career in personal training as the last time Simone saw it she set a new personal best for the high jump and the hundred metres at the same time.

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