‘Dad always wanted me to be more like Bernie Ecclestone’, insists Captain Tom’s daughter

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Captain Tom always wished his children would be a bit more like Bernie Ecclestone in their ability to squirrel away money that people didn’t know existed, according to his daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore.

Captain Tom’s daughter was talking to Piers Morgan, and explained she kept the £800,000 proceeds from her Dad’s books, because “it’s what he would have wanted”.

She told Morgan, “We used to watch the Formula One on TV as a kid, and whenever Bernie would appear on the screen, Dad would always say ‘there’s a man who knows how to put money aside for his family – watch him, learn from him’. So I did.

“I know Dad wanted me to take £800k from the proceeds of his books and put them in our own bank accounts. I distinctly remembering him saying ‘I’ve made more than enough for the NHS now, you should have a little taste of the green, too’.

“Sure, people will criticise us simply because the books gave the impression of raising more money for the NHS, but it’s not like it explicitly said that’s where the proceeds would go.

“Oh, it did? Fair enough. It still doesn’t change the fact that I have the word of a dead man on my side.

“Are you calling the late, great, Captain Tom a liar?”