‘Land Of Hope And Glory’ dropped from Last Night Of The Proms after being fact-checked

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It has been announced that the absolute banger ‘Land Of Hope And Glory’ is to be dropped from Last Night Of The Proms, as it is blatantly neither.

The rousing tune, which reminds viewers of Britain’s wonderful colonial past, is to be axed as part of the BBC’s commitment to honesty and integrity.

BBC spokesperson Simon Williams explained, “We at the BBC get a lot of flak for so-called ‘biased reporting’, so we are making every effort – even in our entertainment shows – to be as truthful as we can.

“Broadcasting hundreds of people singing the line ‘Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set’ is an outright falsehood, especially after Brexit, which ironically, I imagine a large percent of the flag-wavers at Last Night Of The Proms voted for.”

There are also reports that ‘Rule Britannia’ might also face the axe, but BBC producer Eleanor Gay wasn’t convinced it needed to go.

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“Well ‘Rule Britannia’ is a slightly different kettle of fish,” she told us this morning.

“The idea of Britain ruling anything in its current state is so laughably false that we’ll keep it in there just to bring a bit of light relief to the over-patriotic celebrations.”

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