If white privilege is real then why don’t I have a butler, asks moron

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A man is questioning the validity of the concept of white privilege because everything in his life isn’t perfect, according to reports this afternoon.

Derek Williams, 59, insisted to no one in particular that the very idea of white privilege is nonsense because poorer white children aren’t doing very well at school and because he doesn’t have a butler.

“I didn’t have a privileged upbringing – unless you want to call an upbringing free from any prejudice related to my skin colour as ‘privileged’, which would be a frankly stupid assertion.

“I drive either year old car, only own one house, and my credit card has a couple of grand on it.  If that’s what privilege looks like then you can shove it.  And those poor white kids who are getting screwed in the name of racial equality, it’s awful.

“I mean yes, if you go back a few years when children from ethnic minorities were doing less well at school I was happy to lay the blame squarely at the feet of their families and their backgrounds, rather than anything inherent in the ‘system’ – but these latest results are nothing to do with the families of those poor white kids – this is one-hundred per cent the fault of the ‘system’.

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“No, I don’t see why that makes me a hypocrite.”

Meanwhile, non-morons have repeatedly pointed out that ‘white privilege’ doesn’t mean white people have it easy, or that they don’t face many many hardships in life, it just means that their skin colour isn’t the reason for them.

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