Study links poor performance after lunch to not giving a shit about your job

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A new study has found a link between poor performance in the workplace just after lunch and not giving a shit about your job.

“There has long been a measurable decline in performance amongst all workers in the hour or so after returning from lunch, and that’s been quite the mystery for many years now,” explained Professor Simon Williams, who ran the study.

“So, we interviewed several thousand people every day after lunch for a week and in almost 79% of cases found that they didn’t give a shit about their job. This correlates with an understood slump in post-lunch productivity amongst some 70% of workers.

“It is, of course, early days, but it does seem that there is a clear link between the post-lunch slump and not giving a shit about your job.”

However, Professor Eleanor Gay, from Oxford University’s Faculty of Not Giving a Shit, has doubts about the conclusions drawn from the study.

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“Yes, superficially, we can see how there is a link there. But the crucial question that, it seems to me, wasn’t asked, was if the subjects didn’t give a shit about their job at other times of the day. Surely, if they don’t give a shit about their job in the morning, then we could expect a morning slump as well?”

Professor Williams accepts the point, and is going to look into whether or not other factors such as digestion or sugar slump could be at work alongside not giving a shit about your job, but will do it later as he’s just back from lunch and is having a little lie-down.

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