Bleary-eyed Club Wembley members finally emerge for the second half

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Club Wembley ticket holders have finally emerged into an empty stadium for the second half of the FA Cup final. 

With Manchester City winning the final yesterday afternoon, Club Wembley ticket holders absolutely pissed up on Prosecco have finally begun emerging from the bar to watch the second half now that they’ve had all their free drinks.  

Ticket Holder Simon Williams told us “Who won? Are they still playing?

“I love going to the soccerball I do. As long as it’s in my really expensive company-purchased Club Wembley seats, where I can just drink wine and have canapés for hours on end.

“I mean, what a day, what a game. It’s really great to see two teams fight it out in the European Trophy Cup or whatever.

“And I definitely didn’t just go to eat prawn sandwiches and sit in the bar all game, I really enjoyed the game.

Asked how much of the actual game he witnessed, he told us, “Seven minutes”.