No one could have predicted that reappointing a woman who had recently been sacked for breaking ministerial rules would come back to bite me on the arse, insists Rish Sunak

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Rishi Sunak has come under increasing pressure over the latest Suella Braverman controversy, leaving him genuinely surprised that giving a top job to a woman who plays fast and loose with the rules would cause him so many problems.

With Sunak desperate for his ethics advisor to take responsibility for a decision he no longer wishes to make, experts predict he is buggered either way.

Political analyst Simon Williams told us, “This is the problem with giving top jobs to recently sacked harridans with a questionable track record of adhering to ministerial standards.

“If they’ve broken the rules once, and it cost them precisely nothing, then there is absolutely nothing to stop them from doing it again.

“The real dilemma for Sunak is that if he does nothing, he’s going to make his government start to look as if they play by different rules to the rest of us, which is politically damaging.

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“Whereas if he reprimands here – or worse, fires her – then he faces a revolt from the far right elements within his party and outside, which is politically damaging.

“It’s almost as if his decision to bring Suella in from the cold just weeks after she was fired for not following the rules has proven to be a huge mistake.

“A mistake that has led to consequences that could only have been predicted by absolutely everybody.”

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