Man checking ID at polling station treating the job like he’s working at Checkpoint Charlie

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An officious twat is revelling in checking the ID of all the young people coming to vote in the local elections, according to reports this morning.

Derek Matthews, 65, has taken to stopping all young people outside the polling station in Little Arseworth with an outstretched arm and a demand to ‘see their papers’.

However, many young voters expressed their surprise that someone would take so much enjoyment from an attempt to prevent them from exercising their democratic right.

Simon Williams, 21, told us, “I was too young to vote in the general election of 2019, so these local elections have been my introduction to the democratic process in this country.

“So far, I have to say I feel like I’m suspected of trying to sneak across the border in Cold War Germany, rather than deciding which councillor can influence my parents’ bin collection.

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“I had expected some sort of warm glow from taking part in the age-old democratic process and having my voice heard as an equal to my peers – but actually, I feel like a fugitive who has managed to sneak past a fascist regime to freedom.

“I have a different haircut on my driving licence, and the old fella checking it must have looked at it, and back at me, and back at it, about a dozen times before he let me through to vote. I was starting to sweat, worried that actually, it was I who had made a mistake, and I wasn’t actually allowed to vote.

“I’d give it a 4 out of 10. Not sure I’d want to do it again.”

However, Derek explained that the new process is much better now that everyone is being treated equally. “I’m just following orders,” he told us.

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