We would never fall victim to patriotic exceptionalism, insist proud Brits who believe we are above that sort of thing

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Brits across the country have refuted the notion that the country is riven by an attitude of British exceptionalism, saying that you just wouldn’t get that sort of thing in Britain.

“British exceptionalism? The idea that, just because we’re Britain, we are immune to situations and events that might befall other countries of similar size and status? No, I don’t think that would ever happen here,” laughed proud Brit Simon Williams.

“No, we’re far too sensible a people to fall victim to such a damaging notion. I mean, that’s the sort of thing you’d find in France or Germany, but never over here. We’re Britain, for God’s sake!”

Asked if there were anything he would do to prevent British exceptionalism from taking hold, Mr Williams scoffed.

“Nothing at all. I mean, continue being British, and that should do it. That sense of patriotic exceptionalism is the sort of thing that gullible foreigners find themselves taken in by.

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“I have every faith and confidence in the British people and see no scenario in which we would ever make decisions where any risk is mitigated simply by the notion of ‘just being British,’ it simply wouldn’t happen here.”

In other news, it Is understood that the Government’s ongoing policy to mitigate the economic fallout of Brexit continues to be – ‘We’ll bounce back, we are Britain!’

“Oh tits,” said Mr Williams in response.

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