Everyone agrees GB News is ‘an essential new voice telling it like is’ or ‘a cess-pit of confirmation bias for nut-jobs’

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As GB News nears its second birthday, everyone is agreed that it is either the voice our nation desperately needs to counter a media full of social-justice-loving wokerati, or a cess-pit of confirmation bias catering to the worst elements of society in the name of populism.

The new-ish channel, which contains a range of presenters who are willing to say just about anything for money, has flourished at the cutting edge of journalism after prying investigative powerhouse Dan Wooton away from The Sun, and has proven to be both a breath of fresh air, and a horrific addition to the nation’s airwaves, according to everyone we’ve spoken to about it.

In a country of 70 million people, just about everyone has an opinion on GB News, despite it attracting a weekly audience of just 300,000 people.

Television owner Simon Williams told us, “GB News is nothing more than Fox News for the UK, catering to low-information consumers who want to have their biases confirmed by personality-led right-wing commentators pretending to do the ‘news’.

His neighbour Derek Matthews told us, “GB News is what this country is crying out for, given the liberal bias so inherent in our current mainstream media channels – finally, somewhere for the 80% of the population who aren’t the metropolitan elite to get their daily news updates.”

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These opinions have been reflected across the country, with potential viewers who have not yet watched a single-minute broadcast by the channel convinced it will either save the nation’s 4th estate or be the final nail in the coffin for the nation’s biased media.

However, what both sides have so far vehemently agreed upon, is that no one needs to actually watch the channel for their side to be proven right.

I think, therefore I am, (not a GB News viewer) – get your Mug here!