If you needed £800,000 I would have let you look down the back of my sofa, Rish Sunak tells Boris Johnson

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Prime ministers shouldn’t be out there hawking for personal loans, according to the richest prime minister the country has ever had.

After learning that Boris Johnson asked for help securing an £800,000 loan while prime minister, Rish Sunak has said he would have happily let Boris look down the back of his sofa for whatever loose change his family might have misplaced if he needed that amount.

“It’s a bit embarrassing, is it not?” Sunak told sources.

“Prostituting yourself out for such a trivial amount of money? If only he had asked, we would have loved to have helped him.

“I do think the press has blown this all out of proportion though. It’s obviously not a problem if the person running the country is using all of their spare time to scare up the best part of a million quid for unknown personal reasons. People borrow that sort of money all the time. I’d imagine. I mean, I just get my wife to pay the bills, obviously.

“I mean, yes, he has a lot of kids. And yes, kids are expensive, but eight-hundred grand?”

Meanwhile, voters have asked if maybe they could get a bit more information about the money the prime minister borrowed, and what he did with it, while he was supposed to be acting in their best interests.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “I can’t get a job at a bank if I have too much personal debt, but apparently you can get the country’s top job despite borrowing nearly a million quid for unnamed reasons.

“Yes, that all sounds lovely and above board. Move along now.”