Grifter gets massive donation from grifter

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Boris Johnson received a million-pound donation from a crypto investor, because clearly birds of a feather stick together.

As news emerged that the former prime minister received the largest single donation last year, from a man who specialises in crypto investments, the nation sighed and said, “of course he did”.

Political analyst Simon Williams told us, “Crypto is essentially a massive multi-level marketing scheme based on the greater fool theory. Its success relies on the exploitation of the gullible to buy into the idea that something worthless will be worth a lot in the future. It has no inherent value. Much like Brexit.

“So it makes perfect sense that Boris has been heavily backed by crypto enthusiasts. It’s the same target market. Credulous individuals who are willing to believe any old fairy story about how great their life will be in the future if only they ‘trust this guy’.

“Never mind the fact that you could have easily outperformed Bitcoin in the last two years by putting all of your money in a sock and burying it in the garden. It’s never Bitcoin’s fault. It’s the market’s fault. Or the fault of the people trying to bring it down. Just like Brexit.

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“Honestly, Boris Johnson and crypto is a marriage made in heaven.”