Striking health workers put patient lives at risk, insists man who seems happy for chronic underfunding to put patient lives at risk

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If anyone’s life is going to be put at risk today, it should be because the NHS is on its knees due to the chronic underfunding over the last twelve years, and not because a greedy ambulance driver wants a pay rise, according to the brains trust this afternoon.

Precisely the sort of person you are currently picturing has been quick to tell anyone who will listen, and many who won’t, that putting patient lives in danger is the worst possible thing a person can do inside the NHS, unless you’ve done it over a years with systematic underfunding, in which case endangering lives is fine.

Gullible simpleton, Simon Williams, told us, “I think it’s disgusting. These emergency care workers going on strike today, knowing full well that lives could be put a risk today because of them. Any lives lost today are on them.

“The other 364 days? Well, that’s different, isn’t it? I mean, sure, 500 people a week are dying unnecessarily in emergency care because the services have been gutted over the last decade, but that’s different. That was done by people I like and voted for, not by ambulance drivers who I now hate because Kelvin MacKenzie tweeted that I should.

“The important thing is that we all focus on hating the people who have made the NHS a little less safe today, and ignore the people making it unsafe the other 364 days a year.”