BeReal issues apology for making everyone’s head look weird

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Photo-sharing social media company BeReal has issued an apology for making everyone’s head look really weird in the selfie part of their BeReal posts.

“We here at BeReal would like to apologise for making everyone’s heads look like weird hairy eggs,” read an official statement.

“The algorithm in the selfie part of the photo has been set to ‘massive chin,’ rather than ‘just take a normal selfie.’ We hope to address this in a future release.”

BeReal has become a popular alternative to mainstream social media applications. Users are notified of a two minute period in which to take a photograph of their surroundings at that time, along with a selfie. This has proven to be an interesting and challenging new way for users to attempt to construct the image of a far more impressive lifestyle than the one they actually have.

BeReal user and poser Simon Williams was broadly welcoming of the apology.

“Well, at least I can be safe in the knowledge that my head doesn’t really look like that, because some of those selfies make me look like I’m an extra in the Mos Eisley Cantina.

“I mean, from a technological point of view, it’s actually really impressive. How they’ve managed to create a photographic algorithm that makes human beings look like potatoes with noses, it’s pretty clever. I just wish I knew why they chose to implement it on this.”

BeReal have also accepted they will look at the algorithm that determines when everyone should take their photos, as it never, ever goes off when you’re doing something interesting.