‘It just needs to be out of the house by New Year’ insists man eating third Chocolate Orange of the day

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A man opening his third chocolate orange of the day has insisted today that he just needs to get everything out of the house by New Year. 

Simon Williams, who also had cheese and biscuits for breakfast revealed his plan earlier whilst picking up 15 Ferrero Rocher wrappers and throwing them in the bin.

Speaking earlier he told us, “I just need it all gone that’s all, you know before I start being good.

“That’s why I have had four different cheeses for breakfast on a selection of luxury crackers, and half a bottle of wine.  

“And also some Pringles for lunch, along with three chocolate oranges and half a box of After Eights. 

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“Otherwise I’ll eat it all in January, when I’m really trying to be good. And it will make me put on weight.

“But if I get rid of them now in December, I can start afresh in January, and it will mean that I don’t get as fat. Somehow.”

Asked what he is having for his evening meal he told us, “Quality Street.”