Tory threat level reduced from ‘Critical’ to ‘Severe’

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The threat level from potential Tory plots has been reduced to ‘Severe’ after a quiet few weeks.

Although the ‘Severe’ threat level means that some sort of Tory incident causing harm to the public is still highly likely, it is the first time since March that the threat level has been reduced from ‘Critical’ which indicates such an incident is imminent.

“Although it’s good news that the Tory threat seems to be coming down, we would caution the public to remain vigilant at all times,” explained Simon Williams, a counter-Tory expert.

“There is still a substantial risk from Tories, so if you see a Tory out in public behaving in a way that causes you alarm, then please report it immediately.

“If you see one hanging around a bus station, then he could be planning to introduce a series of massive spending cuts to local transport. If you notice one on hospital grounds, then he could be planning to sell it off to one of his mates in the private sector.

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“Most importantly of all, if you see a Tory, or group of Tories near some local council offices then you must report it immediately. They could be preparing to do irreparable harm to your local government.”

It is understood that the Tory threat level was reduced after Tory fanatics Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were both neutralised. The new Tory leader, Rishi Sunak, is considered to be a moderating influence but there are still dangerous figures such as Suella Braverman and Domonic Raab operating at the highest level who would seek to do considerable harm.

“The key thing is for the public to not become complacent,” continued Mr Williams, “and together we can put an end to the Tory threat for good.”

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