Man who said Twitter was ‘full of bots and fake users’ now happy to let those same users make all of Twitter’s big decisions

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Elon Musk has decided to use Twitter polls to make the platform’s biggest decision, despite insisting it was full of bots and fake users just a few short months ago.

Musk famously tried to get out of the Twitter purchase, insisting that its user numbers were inflated by bots and fake accounts, but has now pivoted to asking those same users to weigh in on the strategic direction of his company.

Musk explained, “I asked them if they wanted Trump back, and they said yes. And now I’m asking them if I should remove suspensions from any account that hasn’t actually broken the law, which is a pretty low bar – and again I’m confident they’ll vote the correct way.

“The difference between my opinion of bots and fake users back then, versus now, is that I am confident the majority of bots and fake accounts are currently aligned with my own personal views, so the results will be okay.

“Trust me, I wouldn’t be letting bots and fake users guide the direction of my $44bn investment if I wasn’t absolutely sure they’ll vote in precisely the way I want them to.”

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Meanwhile, Twitter user SimonWill294569002 told us, “I will vote whichever way I think gives me the best chance of having my sycophantic comments ‘liked’ by the great Musk himself.

“I will simp for Elon until my dying day, so just say the word Elon and I’ll vote however you want!”