“The unelected IMF shouldn’t be lobbying government on taxes” insists completely opaque billionaire-backed Tufton Street firm lobbying government on taxes

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After the IMF issued a statement that the UK’s current fiscal policy was “f*cking stupid”, the organisation has been widely criticised for lobbying the government by opaque billionaire-backed lobbying firms.

An opaque lobbying firm based in Tufton Street has wasted no time in criticising the United Nations agency for being ‘unelected’ and abusing its position to lobby the government on its taxation policies.

Simon Williams, who flatly refused to explain who funds him, and how his organisation pays its bills, told us, “An unelected organisation lobbying the government to ensure its policies align with the interests of obscenely wealthy individuals is a perfectly legitimate way to make a living. Yes it is, shut up.

“But an unelected organisation lobbying that same government in the interests of avoiding inequality, and stabilising a crumbling economy is frankly criminal.

“Where does the IMF get off telling the government what it should be doing? At least when I tell the government what it should be doing I have the decency to take them out for dinner first. Or to a nice event they wanted to go to. Or on holiday.

“You can’t lobby a government to do the things you want them to do with faceless ‘statements’ issued to the press. You have to do it face-to-face. Press the flesh. Grease the palms.

“All this ethical ‘we think you should do this and this is why’ type behaviour is going to give lobbyists a bad name.”