Huge delivery of printers arrives at HM Treasury as Liz Truss unveils her new economic strategy

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Staff at HM Treasury are expected to be working ‘flat out’ to plug in and set up the printers that Liz Truss is going to need for her new economic strategy, according to reports today.

A fleet of trucks from Hewlett-Packard, Xerox and Kyocera began to arrive at the government’s economic nerve centre shortly after the new PM was sworn in, indicating that she is planning to hit the ground running.

Reams of paper amounting to several Scandinavian forests are understood to be brought in by helicopter, which will then be used to deliver the money once it is printed.

“Liz truss has a fantastic plan which is fully costed and guaranteed to work,” said new Treasury supremo Simon Williams as he fed the first sheets into the printers.

“What we’re going to do is line up the bank of printers in front of an open window, press go and then stand well back and hope for the best.

“The Conservatives are the party of fiscal prudence, right? So this is fine when we do it. Quit worrying and listen to the Brrrrrrrrr.”