This tractor is all grown-up and proudly exposing its fixed mounts alongside a daring sheer cabin

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This young tractor wowed onlookers as it showed just how much it had grown up by proudly exposing its fixed mounts for everyone to see, alongside a daring and provocative sheer cabin.

The ravishing tractor was spotted entering a field and soon, all eyes were on it.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off it. There’s something marvellous about a healthy young tractor proudly showing off what it’s got, and this tractor has certainly got a lot to show off,” said Simon Williams, a tractor fan from Somerset.

“I, for one, couldn’t believe the sheer cabin. I mean, you really could see everything, and it didn’t seem to mind everyone staring, either. Good for it, I say.”

The tractor went about its business, ploughing the field, seemingly oblivious to the stares it was drawing from everyone, who couldn’t help but admire its fixed mounts, hydraulics, and stunning, full-rounded rear wheels.

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It exited the field in the late afternoon, the spring sunshine glinting off its impressively large exhaust pipe.

As it drove away down the lane, onlookers were treated to one last, lingering look at the tractor’s beautiful variable transmission, and the tractor certainly seemed pleased to have caught everyone’s attention too.

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