Man in Facebook comments clearly prefers feeling informed to actually being informed

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A man has today clearly demonstrated that he far prefers feeling informed, than actually being informed, after repeatedly demonstrating his ignorance across a range of subjects.

Simon Williams, 42, has been chipping in with his epidemiology ‘expertise’ in a thread about Vaccines, despite being a factory worker currently working nights, and holding no medical qualifications whatsoever.

Williams explained, “I know what the real truth is, because I saw a YouTube video and some memes that explained it to me in nice simple terms that even someone with a D in GCSE Science could understand.

“And to be honest, I really like feeling informed. It’s a nice feeling, and I’m really not used to it. It gives me a nice warm feeling in my tummy, which is why I’m going to hold onto it despite everyone who has actually studied this subject telling me I’m wrong and misinformed.

“All that studying, and getting degrees and publishing medical research papers sounds like a lot of work just to become actually informed, so I think I’ll stick to feeling informed. It’s much easier. To feel informed only took a couple of hours on my phone and a few choice pieces of algorithmically chosen content forced into my social feeds.

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“And the feeling of being informed is really strong, I’ll happily argue the toss with literal medical professionals about spike proteins, even though I hadn’t even heard of them until I saw them in a meme last week.

“No, I think I’ll hang on to this feeling, it’s the first time I’ve felt like the clever one in the room in decades.”