Kanye West causes sensation by bringing Taliban on stage for Donda album launch

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Provocative rapper Kanye West has once again made waves with his innovative stagecraft but has been forced to deny that inviting armed soldiers of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on stage during the launch of his latest album was a publicity stunt.

Kanye West’s publicist, Simon Williams, explained that the presence of the Taliban was not a transparent attempt to get social media buzzing with outrage but that they were integral to the artistic concept of the album.

He told us, “As you know, Kanye is a man with many different personalities, particularly when he’s off his meds, and so is his music. The launch show incorporated different elements of Kanye’s life such as his talent for pushing the musical boundaries of hip-hop, his flair for showmanship and his desire to make others follow whatever cretinous religious dogma he’s just picked up. The last one is where the Taliban fits in. Kanye feels they truly represent his obnoxious desire to force people in his surrounding to follow literal interpretations of a faith he doesn’t really understand.

“Initially, we were looking at having Roseanne Barr or perhaps a live hologram broadcast of Ghislaine Maxwell but events overtook us and we had to stay on trend somehow.”

Although the launch happened without incident, the presence of Sharia-compliant armed militants did result in Kanye West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian being forced to wear a full burqa during her scheduled appearance.

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A statement from Ms Kardashian’s publicist claimed “Kim had not been consulted about the presence of fundamentalist mujahideen and is utterly shocked that her former husband would do something annoying just to get attention. Did we mention we have a new lipstick coming out?”