I showed a bot 1,000 Darren Grimes Tweets and it cried and exploded

author avatar by 3 years ago

I showed a bot a thousand Darren Grimes tweets, because I wanted to create one of those humorous articles where the bot appears to use AI to create a satirical version of the original thing you showed it. But I feel quite bad now, because the bot just cried for ten minutes and then appeared to self-destruct.

I was hoping that it just come out with something like –

“Communist immigrants in their trans boats live in my English Channel and Jeremy Corbyn is the RNLI.”

You know, it would amusingly showcase that, really, all Grimes does is dip into a collection of words that trigger his gammony friends, and then arrange those words in an order that make vague grammatical sense and then tweet them out.

Sadly, I can’t do it because my bot got to yet another tweet about how the RNLI are a bunch of bastards and it just started sobbing uncontrollably, which was unnerving because the bot didn’t have any kind of voice synthesis, it just spontaneously evolved to express its overwhelming despair that people like Grimes continue to cynically pump out contrarian, sub-fascistic nonsense in order to generate retweets.

Finally, the bot hit the four hundredth tweet about how you can’t say anything these days and everyone is cancelled and it just exploded in a cloud of microchips and gloom.

After a bit of work, I managed to retrieve the bot’s early attempts at a Darren Grimes tweet

“BBC BBC BBC BBC BBC Canceled NIGEL FARAGE is the BBC. Cancelled. BBC.”

Which, sadly, isn’t as funny as I’d hoped, but is quite accurate.

RIP Bot.