Unnamed recent ex-Amazon employee blows whistle on outrageously luxurious working conditions

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A recent former employee of Amazon has lifted the lid on working conditions inside the multibillion-dollar company, telling reporters that in many cases conditions were ‘borderline opulent’.

Our source, who insisted we refer to him only as ‘Jim’, said that he had been an employee at the Internet firm as recently as “this week”, but that after leaving his role he felt compelled to draw attention to the conditions many executives are forced to work under.

He told us, “Wood-panelling, private bathrooms, executive lounges – I’m not kidding when I tell you that Amazon employees with the right job title work in some of the most horrifically palatial conditions known to man.

“Some of us had personal assistants who can take care of everything from setting up meetings, to getting your clothes dry cleaned, to ordering the perfect gift for your other half – there is literally no end to what they can do for you – and yet people don’t realise we had to work like this. Every. Single. Day.

“It never ends. You can find yourself finishing the month exhausted from being so well looked after, only to discover an obscene amount of money has been put into your bank account, which then creates a whole other level of stress when you’re forced to decide how to properly spend or invest it.

“It all just takes a toll, you know? The endless pampering, the catering to every whim, the relentless amounts of cash thrown at you.

“Sometimes I think that Amazon doesn’t care for the mental health of their employees at all.”