Thursday 3 December 2020

Whiny Trump supporters really dragging out the whole ‘denial’ stage of their grief

Donald Trump supporter

Supporters of Donald Trump have been encouraged to move on to the next phase of their grief following his election loss, after being told they have really dragged out this whole denial phase long enough now.

As right-wing media and MAGA types continue to deny objective reality, Trump supporters have been told it’s really time to think of their long term mental health.

Clinical Psychologist Dr Chuck Williams told us, “If you’re in denial a month after a traumatic event, then you need to seek help – it’s simply not healthy for this phase to last so long.

“There are people out there who genuinely believe Joe Biden didn’t win the election, still, a full month since the election.  All they are doing is making the following stages of their grief much harder to deal with.

“Yes, a few of them are already in the Anger phase, and that’s good because after that comes acceptance and then we can all move on with our lives safe in the knowledge Trump is consigned to the history books as a one-term impeached president who lost the popular vote – twice.

“Look, I get it, they love Trump, and in their little online bubbles he’s revered as a God, so they can’t believe for one second that he lost.  But that’s what happens when you live inside an echo chamber full of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance.

“The Democrats stood an incoherent elderly guy who looks like he’s losing his marbles against Trump, and he still got the most votes any presidential candidate has ever got in the history of America – that’s how unpopular Donald Trump is, but they can’t see it.

“So please, Trump supporters, seek help with your grief.  Or, if you really want to stay in denial, please put more of it online for our entertainment – we are honestly happy with either.”

Enjoy the election result with some Delicious MAGA Tears!

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