Woman slams dramas available on ‘Zoom’ for poor plot and effects

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A woman has taken to social media to express her disappointment with the films available on popular new video app – Zoom.

“Zoom is rubbish,” said Eleanor Gay, a cat farmer from Chelmsford, Essex.

“I was a bit bored yesterday so I thought I’d watch something and I’d been hearing everyone go on about how great Zoom is so I downloaded that and settled down with a glass of wine and a bucket of Maltesers to watch something.”

Her first film was a disappointment

“It was rubbish is what it was. It was just this bloke going ‘can you hear me, can you hear me’ – I mean it was funny for a bit, but then it just got boring. There was no story or plot or anything. Crap.”

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Ms Gay then tried a different film.

“That looked more promising,” she said.

“There was about nine people, and they were all in these little boxes across the screen, so I thought it might be a game show, but it wasn’t, they all just took it in turns to explain why they hadn’t done anything this week.

“The effects weren’t even very convincing, the boxes kept moving about and you could tell the people were in different rooms.”

Eventually, Ms Gay found something diverting to watch.

“It was this man with his bits out going on about how he wished he could be somehwere in real life. Every now and again he’d play with his bits.

“I watched that for six hours. It was alright but, to be honest, I wish I’d just put Corrie on.”