Wednesday 1 July 2020

‘Twitter is just a Liberal echo chamber’ insists man suggesting everyone follow him to new conservative echo chamber

Man says Twitter is liberal echo chamber

Twitter is nothing more than a liberal echo chamber that doesn’t allow the free exchange of challenging ideas, according to a man who prefers a platform where everyone agrees with him.

As Simon Williams asked his forty-seven Twitter followers to join him on Parler, he has insisted that sharing on a social platform full of like-minded souls who agree with you is far better than sharing on a platform full of like-minded souls who disagree with you.

Williams said, “Twitter is lost. It’s full of snowflakes who can’t take criticism and the thought police have ruined any chance of it ever being a place to freely exchange ideas.

“Free speech on Twitter is dead, even though I’m not being put in prison and merely seeing my ideas mocked and criticised – it’s exactly the same thing.

“Everyone should follow me to Parler, where I can share my views safe in the knowledge they will be welcomed like a long lost sibling, rather than being derided by libtard snowflakes who just don’t get it.

One of his followers, Matt Simkins, told us, “I only followed him on Twitter because he once said something funny about a football team I don’t like.

“I’ve got to be honest, the stuff about immigration, identity politics, feminism, the EU and Donald Trump I could probably do without.  So no, I won’t be following him to Parler.

“I’m sure he’ll do well over there though, given he’s basically a much less popular version of Katie Hopkins with testicles.”

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