The only people I would kneel for are the Queen and Daenerys Stormborn, confirms Dominic Raab

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Dominic Raab has insisted that he wouldn’t take the knee for Black Lives Matter, reserving that honour for the Queen and the mother of dragons.

Raab was answering questions on radio this morning when he was asked if he would take a knee in support of the BLM movement, much like so many high-profile public figures have chosen to do.

He told listeners, “No, I would not.  Taking a knee is a sign of subjugation, which is why I would only do so for the Queen, and for the Breaker of Chains herself.

“Doing it for any other reason would be disrespectful and demean the gesture should I ever need to use it.

“If other people want to take a knee, then I respect that decision, but I will only do so for people who can give me a knighthood, or burn me to a fucking crisp on whim.”

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The announcement has come as no surprise to the many voters who are already well aware how out of touch Tory ministers are.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “Dominic Raab is basically just a less-charming Littlefinger in a better suit, so it isn’t even remotely surprising that he’s unwilling to offer a gesture that would provide him with no personal gain whatsoever.

“And we all know he which side he was rooting for when Daenerys took on the slave owners. Yeah, he’s willing to bend the knee for her now, but only because she won.”

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