I shouted ‘Goal!’ but forgot I was on mute, says Hawk-Eye

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Hawk-Eye has admitted that Sheffield Utd were denied a goal in last night’s Premier League match because he got all confused using Zoom.

Remote working takes a bit of getting used to. It’s no surprise then that on his first day operating via Zoom, Hawk-Eye forgot to turn off his mute button at a critical moment.

“Argh, I’m so embarrassed!” said the goalline technology system.

“I went on mute earlier in the match because little Chick-Eye came in to say ‘night night’ and I didn’t want the officials picking up snippets of me reading ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet!’

“And then I simply forgot to switch mute off.

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“When the ball went over the line I immediately shouted ‘Goal!’ but the ref didn’t respond. I even said, ‘Michael, have you got your volume turned up?’ Doh!

“By the time I realised what had happened the moment had passed – it felt a bit awkward to ask people to go back to a previous agenda item just because I’d been a wally!

“I decided the best way forward was to send everyone an email after the match explaining that I’d had a little think and that actually it was probably a goal and could the minutes please be updated to reflect this. Apparently they couldn’t and I’d ‘really fucked up’.

“It’s funny – I was worried about the camera slipping and showing people I was just in my pants, but I never imagined this would be an issue. Still, you live and learn I suppose.

“In the cold light of day I’m sure it’s something Sheffield Utd fans can all laugh about.”