Football addict so desperate for a fix he’s willing to debase himself by consuming Aston Villa vs Sheffield United

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Football addict Simon Williams is on the verge of admitting he has hit rock bottom after admitting how desperate he is to consume the Premier League match between Aston Villa and Sheffield United.

As the Premier League restarts this evening at 6pm with the ‘behind closed doors’ fixture at Villa Park, fans across the country have admitted their desperation to watch it.

Football fan Simon Williams is already on his sofa repeatedly pressing the sky button even though kick-off is six hours away.

He told us, “It wasn’t always like this. Yes, I enjoyed watching football much like anyone else, but I could take it or leave it if I wanted to.

“I’d only have the good stuff, the bigger league games, the Champions League – most international fixtures – that’s where I got my fix.

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“But a few weeks ago I hid in the shed for two hours just to watch Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors’ 1-0 victory over Suwon Samsung Bluewing in the South Korean league on my phone.  But now I realise that even that wasn’t rock bottom.

“Here I am openly admitting that watching Aston Villa vs Sheffield United is the highlight of my month. And I really don’t care who knows it, I just have to have it, on the screen, right in front of me – so I can feel every pass, every touch, right inside my veins.

“I have to have it. After this I’ll stop, I promise. I’ll get help. Just please, please, for the love of God let me watch the match in peace.”