Undiagnosed Covid-19 sufferer not all that bothered which company makes the ventilator he’ll be needing next week

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As rows erupt on social media over which companies get to make the ventilators required by the NHS, those who might be needing them shortly couldn’t give less of a shit.

Derek Williams, 62, said that although he understood that people had strong political feelings over who should, and should not, be receiving government contracts to urgently make life-saving equipment, he felt it was probably just a bit more important to get them made first and worry about the politics later.

He told us, “Speaking as someone with a few pre-existing conditions, but a current life expectancy of at least another ten years, I’d rather not shuffle off this mortal coil in the next fortnight just because of a row over which company made the thing pumping air into my lungs.

“I get it, someone people would like company A to make all of them, some would like company B to do it, and some will scream blue murder if company C ever sees another penny of government money.

“By all means have it out, but only once the machines are in the NHS and working properly, because if your political manoeuvres delay these machines getting to patients by even a few days, trust me, I will haunt you from the grave for the rest of your days.”

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