The NewsThump guide to places you can visit during the national lockdown

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With Britain being ordered not to go out, you might think that your options for away days and tourism are limited. But here are some suggestions which will make the time fly by with a list of exciting places to visit from the comfort of your own home!

The Fridge.
You’ll be visiting this popular favourite a lot. After wandering aimlessly about for fifteen minutes, sitting down, standing up, and checking your email again, you’ll find yourself stood there with the fridge door open, staring blankly in case there’s a chocolate cake you’d previously missed, from which you could help yourself to a big slice. There won’t be, but that won’t stop you checking again every twenty minutes for the next three weeks.

The other end of the sofa.
You always sit at the same place on the sofa. We know it. You know it. Why not take the opportunity given to us all to visit the other end of the sofa – or really push the boat out and try a different chair altogether.  They say travel broadens the mind, and a trip like this will certainly you to view the world from an entirely new perspective. Sorry, not world, television. We meant television.

The Bathroom.
With both water features and a skid pan, the bathroom might be the most exciting room in the house! Why not simulate a day at the park by filling your bath and floating rubber ducks in it, and letting your dog relieve itself on the floor?

The Bin.
An opportunity to see the great outdoors without the police asking what you’re doing out of the house isn’t to be missed! A haven for wildlife, you might be lucky enough to spot those clouds of tiny flies. Make a nature spotters guide for your kids – be sure to include maggots!

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After a long day, this is probably the best place to wind down and enjoy a well-earned break. And let’s face it, if your kids are home all day you won’t be doing anything else here.