Donald Trump to build wall around Hollywood to stop foreigners taking Oscars from hard-working Americans

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President Trump has vowed to build a wall around Hollywood to stop foreign actors and directors coming in and stealing Oscars that rightfully belong to the hard-working American people.

South Korean film, Parasite, won four awards at the Oscar ceremony last night, including Best Picture; the first film not in the American language to do so.

President Trump said, “This is an absolute disgrace. We can’t have foreign actors, directors and producers making films in Hollywood, undercutting our own American actors’ fees, many of whom are on the breadline, compared to me.

“These foreign ‘talents’ can’t even be bothered to learn the American language.

“I will vow to build a wall around Hollywood. This will stop foreign talent getting in, and allow the Oscars to fully flourish as a celebration of purely American talent, as it used to be in the past.”

A bunch of suggestible actors immediately began chanting “Build a wall! Build a wall!”