The Queen to sing new Bond theme in coded message to Harry and Meghan

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Her Majesty Elizabeth II has penned the theme tune to forthcoming Bond film ‘No Time to Die’ – but what does the song really mean?

James Bond aficionados all over the world are excitedly digesting the news that the next Bond theme will be performed by the Queen.

Her Majesty is of course no stranger Bond, appearing in a short film for the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. That performance culminated in a spectacular live skydive into the Olympic stadium – a feat somewhat undermined by poor camera angles leading many to erroneously assume it was just a stuntman in a wig.

This time, however, there’ll be no mistaking it’s Lizzie herself doing the performing. The sequence for the opening titles has already been filmed – Her Majesty will be depicted deflecting bullets with her trademark ‘Queen’s wave’ while in the background scantily-clad butlers cavort with corgis.

It’s the song’s lyrics, however, that are likely to cause controversy. They appear to be subtly directed towards the Sussexes and suggest that all the public talk of ‘transition periods’ and ‘workable solutions’ doesn’t give the whole story.

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The chorus goes as follows:

I got no time to die
I’ll go on forever
There’s just no escape
Our links can’t be severed
I got no time to die
My heart you have cut
But I’ll always control you
Not that silly slut

The Queen denies that the song is about Harry and Meghan, insisting that it’s an old composition she’s had hanging around since about 1981.