Resignation of latest UKIP leader a handy reminder to put bins out tonight

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Richard Braine’s resignation as leader of UKIP and the impending leadership contest it brings has once again fallen on that time of the week when most people take the bins out, according to reports.

Facing a general election in December for which his party is currently polling at an optimistic 1%, Mr Braine has lived up to his name for the first time ever and made a wise choice to resign from the post of party leader.

For the public, however, the events have once again provided a handy reminder that tonight is the night to put the bins out for collection.

Father of two Simon Williams told us, “I can never remember what day our fortnightly bin collections are, so a crisis within UKIP’s leadership is helpful to me as they always seem to coincide with bin day.

“The old, useless, festering waste will be gone, and my bins will have been collected, too.

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“I honestly don’t know what I’d do without a UKIP leadership contest to remind me that bin night has come round again.”

Richard Braine’s resignation will force UKIP to look for it’s ninth new leader in the three and a half years since the Brexit referendum, which is only slightly more frequent than residents of Birmingham can expect their bins to be collected.