Brexiter insists Supreme Court is full of despicable Remoaning traitors

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The idea of an independent judiciary is a thing of the past as Brexit voters have this morning determined that the supreme court is full of traitorous remoaners who want to see the country fall.

After the court gave a unanimous verdict that the government’s prorogation of parliament for five weeks was unlawful, people who are happy to bend the rules in their favour have insisted the decision is an outrage.

“How dare these judges sit and review the evidence and come to a conclusion I disagree with!” hammered Brexit supporter Simon Williams into his keyboard a few minutes ago.

“17 million people didn’t vote for Brexit just so the Supreme Court could go around applying the rule of law in an independent fashion  – clearly they are all remoaners who need to get over it and realise we won.

“I’m sure some proper patriots – like the ones who work at the Daily Mail – will be getting ready to tell us exactly why these judges are evil and shouldn’t be trusted.  It can’t come soon enough for me!”

Meanwhile, slightly less emotional Brexiters have simply called the result the end of sovereignty.

As one explained, “This idea that the supreme court justices can review the facts of the case and come to a dispassionate conclusion is completely absurd. It all comes down to whether they love this country, or hate it.

“Clearly this lot hate our country, there is no other possible explanation. When we said we wanted to take back control of our laws and return parliamentary sovereignty, we only meant in ways that we agreed with.”