Boris Johnson pledges to take Prorogation fight ‘all the way’ to the European Court of Justice

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After losing his case to prorogue parliament in the Supreme Court, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to take his fight ‘all the way’ to the European Court if he has to. 

Judges in the Supreme Court described the move to Prorogue parliament as unlawful, meaning that MPs are set to return and throw stuff at the government unless the Prime Minister succeeds in getting an emergency adjournment from the Brussels-based legal body.

Describing the judgement as ‘terrible’, leading figures in the Leave campaign including David Davis, Jacob-Rees Mogg and Sir Whatsisname Oojimaflip have backed the PM’s view that a ruling from the highest court in the European Union may be essential to get a fair and unbiased hearing.

The defence had claimed that telling porkies to Her Majesty the Queen is not only lawful, but the duty of every right-thinking Briton – a claim the court ruled as ‘bullshit and a half’.

“The problem is that these British Judges have to follow British laws, which are clearly biased and unfair,” Rees-Mogg told supporters.

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“It’s vital for the preservation of democracy we have a final and definitive say, and we’ll use the European Court and all its powers to get that if we have to.

“Thank God for the European Union standing up for the little man, like me.”

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